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SAD lamp for office desk

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Restore tired and weary energy levels with New Desklamp. Based on research, it also provides a bright light boost to effectively treat the medical condition, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the winter blues.

Just as sunlight naturally makes you feel good in the summer, getting extra bright light in winter when you're stuck indoors is proven to put you in a better mood, boost alertness and help you to feel more awake and productive.

With a flexible neck, adjustable head and touch-sensitive control dimmer, Desklamp is an extremely versatile light that can be used at home or work as a treatment for SAD and the winter blues, as an energy boost to recharge your batteries or and as a day to day reading light.

Main features include:
Continuous touch control dimmer
Removable diffuser for fast treatment
2,500 lux output at 50cm for effective SAD therapy
Typically 30 minutes use
96 x blue-enriched white LEDs
Excellent light for reading and tasks
Adjustable angle with flexible neck
Detachable bulb cover for stronger lighting
Height 55 (max) cm, Head 29x14cm, Base 20x20cm
Class IIa Medical device
Finished in white gloss for an elegant and modern design

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