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750D - Wake-up Light

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Waking up in the dreary darkness during the winter months can be difficult and can potentially make you late for important dates. Ensure you always have the light of a sunrise to wake up to with this Luxe 750D . A fully programmable lighting system allows you to simulate the light of a sunset to help you wake up to your own circadian rhythm. If you need more than lighting to rouse you in the mornings, this device has plenty of programmable noises for both waking you up and getting you to sleep, plus a whole host of other helpful features that will keep you prepared every morning.

Mimics colours of a real sunrise and sunset customizable intensity
Customizable sunrise or sunset duration between 15 to 90 minutes
DAB/DAB+ radio is high quality audio
Bluetooth streaming for your music or radio
USB port for charging devices or music playback
Fully dimmable display and light
Daily/weekly alarm programming and snooze functionality
Over 20 optional wake-up and sleep sounds such as white noise
Power failure back-up

Dimensions: H20cm x W23 x D13
Class 1 medical device
Weight: 1.37 kg
Uses mixed LED bulbs (warm white, blue enriched white)

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